Antonelli Law Clients Receiving Section 333 Exemption Approval From FAA

Antonelli Law Clients Receiving Section 333 Exemption Approval From FAA

We are extremely pleased to have terrific clients whom we have helped obtain FAA Section 333 exemptions, and to have been selected by DJI as the first provider of professional services in the US in its Professional User Referral Program.

This page is updated periodically. As of February 2 2016, approximately 22 Antonelli Law petitions remain pending with the FAA for approval. We have never had a denial, but past results do not guarantee future results. Some clients have requested not to be publicized and therefore may not be included on this page.

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  1. NWB 


2. LA-Drones

3. Hover Effect LLC

4. iCam Copters LLC

5. Helios Imaging Inc

6. Richter Studios

7.Snowy-owl-productions – amendment


8. Above-it-All-Aerial-Solutions


9. Fuscoe-Engineering-Inc

10. Burns and McDonnell Engineering Company Inc

Geospatial Analysis

11. Aerial-Inventory

12. Volo Pervidi LLC

Mapping, Surveying

13. Seiclone-Surveys-Inc

14. Client confidential

Mining, Oil & Gas

15. John-L-Lowery-and-Associates-Inc

16. Skyway-Recon-Inc

17. Nixon Engineering Solutions

Precision Agriculture

18. Kovar & Associates LLC

19. Leading Edge Technologies, LLC

Real Estate

20.Angle of Attack Photography LLC

21. AeriFocus-LLC

22. Home Debut Inc dba TourFactory

23. Owlcam, LLC

UAV Testing and Demonstrations

24. UA TacSolutions LLC

Utilities Inc.  Powerline Inspection

25.   Sky Eye Solutions LLC

26. Aerial_Inspection_Resources_LLC


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3 thoughts on “Antonelli Law Clients Receiving Section 333 Exemption Approval From FAA”

    1. Sergio, the FAA has reduced the level of pilot’s license (aka airman certificate) it is requiring under Section 333. Take a look at the FAA’s announcement here:

      The agency now allows operations under these exemptions by people who hold a recreational or sport pilot certificate. Previously, Section 333 operators were required to have at least a private pilot certificate. The newly added certificates are easier to obtain, and therefore less costly, than a private pilot certificate.
      A third class medical certificate is no longer required. Now, a Section 333 operator only needs a valid driver’s license to satisfy the medical requirement. This change is consistent with the agency’s approach for sport pilot certificate holders, who may fly light sport aircraft with a driver’s license and no FAA medical certificate.”

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