Commercial Use Example of Drones/ UAVs

This video clearly shows the ability to provide a true bird’s eye view of an entire operation. With a drone/UAV, the operator can obtain updated data of a constantly changing site, such as this mining operation.

This would not be available with a satellite feed.

Industrial stacks



2 thoughts on “Commercial Use Example of Drones/ UAVs”

  1. As a commercial photographer I am actively exploring the use of small UAVs as a part of my over all photography practice. So, I am very interested in the process of acquiring an commercial exemption for their use. I am also interested to know if your firm is in anyway involved or interested in working to shape future FAA policy with regards to small commercial UAVs.

    1. Dear E.A.,

      We are currently helping client with their petition to the FAA for an exemption to fly commercially pursuant to Section 333 of the FAA Reform and Modernization Act. I would be happy to talk with you about doing the same. Call me at 312 201 8310 .

      For your second question, yes we absolutely are interested in helping shape FAA policy with regard to small UAS. My last post here on this blog encourages readers to file their response to the FAA’s special interpretation if the rc flying rule and drones. Take a look amd let me know what you think.

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