Antonelli Law – Getting to Know a Trusted Advisor in an Uncertain Legal UAS Market

Recent news demonstrates Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ continued pursuit of using drones (UAS ) for package delivery. Today Politico ran a story that Amazon had hired DC firm Akin Gump to work on federal advocacy with regard to testing and operation of UAS.  Amazon, with annual revenues in excess of 75 billion dollars, can afford to pay Akin Gump which charges up to more than $1,200 per billable hour for its top partners.

What can more modest companies and entrepreneurial individuals do for legal advice, whether they are a start-up or a commercial firm looking to enter the UAS market? Antonelli Law, with attorneys in DC, Virginia, New Jersey, and Chicago offers affordable legal advice and friendly, knowledgeable client relations.

The attorneys at Antonelli Law are genuinely interested in your work. Two of our attorneys fly themselves: Kate Fletcher is an active 737 pilot with the world’s largest airline, and Jeffrey Antonelli flies his DJI Phantom 2 Vision + drone as well as what used to be called radio control airplanes. Mark Del Bianco is CIPP/US-certified for privacy matters, and has the substantial experience of a big DC firm representing clients in federal administrative rulemaking and enforcement proceedings (or court reviews) at the DOJ, ITC, FCC, FDA, CPSC, and NHTSA. Mark has litigation experience ranging from state trial courts to case briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court, and in recent years has litigated the constitutionality of state laws at the intersection of technology and privacy.

We know early movers put in valuable hours into researching their products, building up a client base, and developing new commercial applications. We all will be dealing with legal uncertainties from the FAA for a long time to come, why not get to know an established law firm now that shares your interests and entrepreneurial drive?

Whether it is corporate work, privacy concerns, or you just want to get a handle on what the FAA is doing and what your company is allowed to do, you will feel comfortable calling a lawyer at Antonelli Law  – and won’t fear a sky-high DC firm legal bill. Our billable rates don’t go higher than $350 per hour for our work and many services are far more affordable than that.

Contact Principal Jeffrey Antonelli for a free consultation at or call 312-201-8310 to chat and get to know us. Our passion for leading and learning about UAS is second to none.


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