Jeffrey Antonelli Rotor Drone Article & Presentation on Drone Laws & Policy 2017

Drone Law Attorney Jeffrey Antonelli’s

Presentation & Rotor Drone

Article on Drone Laws & Policy 2017


Today we continue to see drone operators struggle with increasingly problematic local drone laws.

First, in the video below, attorney Jeffrey Antonelli explains how bad the problem is getting with examples from Chicago, Louisiana, and North Carolina local drone laws.

Second, in the Rotor Drone Magazine article below, Mr. Antonelli explains how important it is to contact your US representatives and senators and tell them to stop the problem with an emphasis on getting “express federal preemption” passed to make challenging these “stupid local drone laws” an EASY win in court.

Since the time of his presentation in San Francisco, the City of Newton drone case has been decided and it on appeal. This long legal process further highlighting the need for firm legal authority to stop these bad laws in their tracks. Almost no individual or small business can afford the lengthy litigation process that is probably a six-figure effort. But if Congress passes express federal preemption for UAS, a lawyer could go to court challenging a local drone law and most likely quickly win for only $1,000 to $3,000 in legal fees. Now that would be affordable for smaller drone businesses.



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REMINDER: There are less than 11 days for Lead Participants to submit their Notice of Intent to the FAA’s UAS Integration Pilot Program


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