Chicago Drone Ordinance Proposal

Earlier this summer, we attended a meeting with City of Chicago officials about the proposed drone ordinance along with members of the Chicago Drone Users Group.

Yesterday, news reports indicated that a revised proposed ordinance would be headed to the full Chicago city council for a vote after minor changes.

Among other things, the proposed ordinance prohibits flights (other than Section 333 holders) over property that the operator does not own, without the property owner’s consent, and subject to any restrictions that the property owner may place on such operation; and goggles designed to provide a “first person view” (FPV) from the model or similar devices.

Drones in the park
Drones in the park

A copy of the current version of the proposed ordinance can be found here: DronesSubstituteOrdinanceVer8

We hope the Park District remains amenable to reasonable rules allowing city residents and visitors to enjoy their drone hobby in a safe, inexpensive manner, free of overly burdensome regulations

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