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What Does it Cost For Help Obtaining a Part 107 Waiver?

We  receive many inquiries asking for our help in filing a FAA Part 107 waiver petition for drones. Why? Because many Individuals and corporations have struggled to obtain FAA Part 107 waivers for their UAS operations.

Antonelli Law can help. We helped pioneer Section 333 approvals in 2014, and since then have helped many UAS companies grow and obtain additional FAA approvals.  

For many clients, the delay caused by their own attempt at obtaining FAA approval resulted in a denial that was not only frustrating, but likely caused a delay in new business opportunities. Often times, the reason for the denial was a failure to provide a sufficiently detailed description of the proposed operation. We will help you do this successfully. 

While we cannot guarantee a successful waiver application (our lawyer professional responsibility rules forbid doing this) we are confident that our efforts will increase your odds of success, potentially leading your company into a valuable area of new opportunities. 

The most common request is for “Night Waivers”, perhaps because Antonelli Law clients were some of the very first in the country to obtain them in August 2016 when Part 107 first became effective.

The two most elusive ones in the marketplace are Part 107.31 Beyond Visual Line of Sight, and Part 107.39 Operations Over People. They are the most difficult to obtain, and the most costly to attempt.

The Two Most Commonly Asked Part 107 Waiver Questions Are:

  1. How likely is the FAA going to grant approval?
  2. How much will it cost for you to help me obtain it?

Since we receive these questions so commonly, I thought it helpful to give the following estimates of our cost for obtaining assistance in drafting and submitting the waiver(s). 

There are many varieties of drone operations, and many unpredictable changes in FAA policy with regard to requirements for Part 107 waivers. We therefore cannot give firm prices on the Internet. However, many companies need ballpark pricing so they can make their budget requests or decide it is out of their reach for the near future. The following are “ballpark” cost estimates, subject to change without notice.

Note: One factor to have in mind is whether you already have a current professional operations manual for your type of service operations. If you do, you probably fall in the lower end of the provided cost estimates.

Cost Estimates for Part 107 Waiver Assistance

Moving Vehicles – Part 107.25 Operation from a Moving Vehicle or Aircraft

  • Cost estimate: $1,500 to $2,500

Night Waivers – Part 107.29 Daylight Operation

  • Cost estimate: $1,000 to $1,500

BVLOS – Part 107.31 Visual Line of Sight Aircraft Operation

  • Cost estimate:$7,500 to $15,000 or more

Deposit retainer: $7,500 minimum

Swarms – Part 107.35 Operation of Multiple Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • Cost estimate: $1,500 to $2,500

Over People – Part 107.39 Operation Over Human Beings

  • Cost estimate: $7,500 to $10,000 or more

Deposit retainer: $7,500 minimum

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     More on BVLOS Part 107 Waivers – Why Is The Cost So High?

    In brief, the answer in my view is lack of clarity from the FAA.

    Many companies contact us here at Antonelli Law – domestic and international – seeking advice for obtaining the BLOS waiver. Many of them have very compelling stories and technology to offer. We wish we could provide both a standardized process (and standard legal fee) that is clear and predictable in scope and timeline, but trying to do so with the FAA involved is simply not possible right now.

    The scope of work and cost varies as to whether you are looking for what is basically extended visual line of site operations for farmland, or you want to deliver things far from the ground control station  – especially it is compounded with the possibility of flying over people.

    However, the general steps are as follows:

    Step One: Develop your concept of operations and risk assessment

    Step Two: Develop testing data either overseas or at an FAA test site. Alternatively participate in the FAA Pathfinder Program.

    Step Three: Draft the actual beyond line of sight (BLOS) waiver request under Part 107, technically parts 107.31, 102.200 and 107.205. 

    The fees for helping you through this are approximately (depending on the complexity and risk of your operations) $7,500 to $15,000 or more.

    If you wish to fly BLOS involving delivering something that is not owned by the company – like Amazon is famously trying to do – currently there is no process for this available under Part 107 and another avenue must be pursued.

    These are just the basics, but we hope this provides some insight whether you are an operator looking to expand your UAS operations or an investor evaluating a company pitching you  getting regulatory approval from the FAA to fly and make money as promised. 

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