Today, the FAA approved two  new Section 333 petitions for exemption. One exemption was issued for real estate photography and videography over non-congested areas in Tucson, Arizona using the DJI Phantom 2 Vision + (the same UAS I use as a hobbyist).  The second exemption was issued for precision agriculture crop scouting and photogrammetry using the senseFly eBee Ag UAS.

The two new exemptions approved today are as follows:

  1. Trudeau_Douglas-11138
  2. Advanced_Aviation_Solutions_LLC-11136(1)

Again, just as with previous Section 333 exemptions, the FAA continues to require that the Pilot in Command (PIC) possesses at least a private pilot certificate and a current third-class medical certificate. Interestingly, the FAA is allowing the 1.5 pound fixed-wing eBee to fly up to 70 knots.

We continue to believe that requiring a private pilot certificate (“private pilot’s license) is unnecessary as it does not provide training related to the safe operation of the UAS as documented by research studies by the FAA and Army Research Laboratory. Therefore, please contact your US Senators and Congressmen to ask them to work to eliminate the private pilot certificate requirement in Section 333 exemptions or in the upcoming NPRM for sUAS.

If you would like to speak with Antonelli Law about helping you submit your own Section 333 petition for exemption, call Principal Jeffrey Antonelli at 312-201-8310 or fill out the contact form below. Additional information about our Drone/UAS Practice Group is available by clicking here as well.

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