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Need for New Federal Lobbying Efforts – Important Survey – Antonelli Law Drone – UAS Practice Group

Since the 2017 FAA Reauthorization Act failed to pass in time, there is a new 6 month window to perform what Antonelli Law perceives to be sorely needed new federal advocacy.   Please take just 3 minutes on average to complete this survey. The survey is just 9 questions.   Specifically

Letter to US DOT Secretary Elaine Chao – Urgent FAA Reauthorization Changes Needed

This is a letter we are sending today to the US Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. The letter urges immediate changes to the imminent passage of the FAA Reauthorization Act in light of last week’s drone ban passed by the Cook County, Illinois. Cook County has banned all take offs and

Drone Regulations in 2017 – Will Growth of the U.S. Commercial Drone Industry be Collateral Damage of the Trump Surprise?

Part Four in a Series on Federal Preemption – Mark Del Bianco, Special Counsel to Antonelli Law Prognosticators and pundits in Washington and far outside the Beltway are trying to read the (admittedly very skimpy) tea leaves and figure out what the unanticipated Trump victory means for [fill in the industry, country