Top 3 Reasons to Hire Antonelli Law to Register your UAV (N Number)

1. Registering UAVs purchased from foreign countries like through is a complicated bureaucratic process. Why bother to go through this bureaucratic process yourself? Do what you do best instead.

Registering your UAV purchased online from  manufacturers or sellers located in another country will involve not only obtaining FAA official original carbon copy forms but also tedious details including making requests directly with foreign Civil Aviation Authorities for assurances to the FAA that the UAV was previously registered or had a registration that was canceled. Eg: FAA Letter re Sci Aero – Australia Registration

This includes purchases through:

If you can plan ahead of time we recommend purchasing these drones/UAVs domestically if possible to avoid the extra layer of complexity in registering a UAV purchased from a manufacturer or seller located in another country.  

2. Establish a lawyer-client relationship with one of the leading drone law firms in the country. 

By hiring Antonelli Law for your N Number registration you are establishing a lawyer-client relationship and have the ability to call or email us in the future with questions or concerns you have with  at reasonable hourly rates and without high minimums. It will be good to have knowledgeable go-to attorneys when you are operating in the ever-changing regulatory environment of drones.

Even if you obtained your Section 333 Grant of Exemption without Antonelli Law’s help we can assist your company in obtaining their required N Number registrations, also referred to as the ‘tail number.’

3. Obtaining an N Number is required by the FAA prior to commercial operations.

Before you can use that highly coveted Section 333 Grant of Exemption, each UAV you use must have a “Tail Number” also known as an N-Number signifying it is registered with the FAA.

“All aircraft operated in accordance with this exemption must be identified by serial number, registered in accordance with 14 CFR part 47, and have identification (N−Number) markings in accordance with 14 CFR part 45, Subpart C. Markings must be as large as practicable.”

For a flat fee of $250 per UAV/drone, Antonelli Law’s experienced staff will do all the paperwork for you and deal with any necessary back-and-forth with the FAA.

A service like this should not be necessary in our modern digital age but is needed. We love our clients and hope this service will help alleviate a lot of the frustration of trying to deal with the FAA yourself. Note: Some registrations may be higher.

Contact Antonelli Law by clicking here to have us handle the FAA process to obtain your FAA registration and obtain your required N Number.

Obtaining your N Numbers can be done any time prior to commencing commercial flights, even prior to filing your Section 333 petition. You will not be allowed to file for a non-blanket COA without an N-Number.

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