FAA Approves Five New 333 Exemptions

Today the FAA approved five new Section 333 petitions for exemption by four companies, but continues to require a private pilot’s license for these very small UAVS, stating “Although Section 333 provides limited statutory flexibility relative to 49 USC § 44704 for the purposes of airworthiness certification, it does not provide flexibility relative to other sections of 49 USC. The FAA does not possess the authority to exempt from the statutory requirement to hold an airman certificate, as prescribed in 49 USC § 44711.”

Immediate action by Congress must be made to address this. Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA) gets why a private pilots license just is not applicable to flying these UAVs. Contact your US senators and congressmen now.

Here is the letter we are sending today: Antonelli Law letter to Congress 12-14-10

The four new exemptions approved today are a follows:

  1. Clayco_Inc_11109
  2. Trimble_Navigation_Limited_11110
  3. VDOS_Global_LLC_11112
  4. Woolpert_Inc_11111
  5. Woolpert_Inc_11114

Please take a look at the hearing in progress:

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